This Morning Bitcoin Interview – True or False?

It is no longer news that Bitcoin has been successful and that many people have been making money using the auto trading platforms. Because of this immediate fame, cryptocurrency has often been linked to celebrity comments and cited on TV shows and articles on the economy.

Recently, a supposed interview on the daily program This morning has been calling everyone’s attention on social media. Supposedly one of the presenters and a former economic commentator commented on Bitcoin and talked about their investments in auto trading platforms. But how far is this true? Let’s find out.

What is This Morning?

For more than 10 years the daily TV program This Morning has been part of the life of the English. With an extensive schedule, it brings information and tips in almost all areas.

Currently presented by Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby, with the participation of commentators on specific subjects such as Martin Lewis and the chef Nisha Kattonabla.

this morning show

The TV show has recently been in the spotlight for rumors that one of its peers recommended and affirmed Bitcoin.

The internet was euphoric with these supposed comments, especially among social media users, where they began to propagate that Holly Willoughby and Martin Lewis recommend Bitcoin.

Holly Willoughby Bitcoin This Morning

Who is Holly Willoughby?

Holly Willoughby is a former English model, author, and TV show host. She can be seen on the show This Morning as a co-host and other shows from the same TV station as Dancing on Ice and Celebrity Juice.

Holly Willoughby Supposed Bitcoin Interview

holly willoughby

As an one of the hosts of This Morning show since 2013, Holly has always had the public’s sympathy and trust, so much so that when rumors that she would have claimed to invest in bitcoins, many believed in these rumors.

crispomag screen shot

Regardless of what they are talking about on social media, the former model claims not to have made such a comment and even says she is surprised by the strength of the rumors. No video file was found with this interview.

Martin Lewis Bitcoin This Morning

Who is Martin Lewis?

Martin Lewis

Martin Lewis is an English journalist and founder of an economy website. He was one of the hosts of the daily TV show This Morning, where he gave tips on economics, becoming one of the most respected money-saving advisers in the UK.

Martin Lewis Supposed Bitcoin Interview

As the main commentator on the TV show’s economics subject, he found himself among strong rumors that he was endorsing and encouraging people to invest in Bitcoins. Despite the false news on social media, nothing official has been found.

martin lewis interview

To better understand all this fuss about the rumors, you will need to understand this market and why some people keep trying to involve others with fake news.

Crypto Market

There is no denying the seriousness of the British TV show “This Morning” about its programming. It is therefore not surprising that when rumors about the show’s hosts have stated that they are assiduous investors in the cryptocurrency market, many people would be behind to do the same.


Overnight, many people started to go after and try to understand how to invest in cryptocurrencies. The alleged comments made in the daily program of the UK channel was an extra gas for this cryptocurrency buying and selling market.

Cryptocurrency Trading

Cryptocurrency Trading is nothing more than an online marketplace that buys and sells virtual currencies, known as Bitcoins. To be part of this system, it is necessary to count on the help of online platforms that have access to all types of negotiations that are taking place.

The trader buys a certain number of Bitcoins and can sell for a higher price, making a profit from these transactions.

What is Bitcoin?


Bitcoins is a cryptocurrency or electronic money that was introduced in 2007, on the “The Cryptography Mailing” mailing list by a programmer known as Satoshi Nakamoto, is considered the first global digital currency, constituting an alternative economic system, and responsible for the resurgence of the free banking system.

Investing in Bitcoin has become very profitable for most of the people in this market and more and more people have been interested in making this type of investment.

But to start investing in Bitcoins it is necessary to understand, not only the financial market but also the process and tools that are involved in cryptocurrency trading.

Trading with Bitcoin

As it is a virtual currency to trade Bitcoins, you must be online, have a platform where you can have access to trading in real-time.

Many people use automated trading software to make trades on behalf of the user, close deals, and make high profits.

Trading Platforms

trading platform

Trading platforms are the most common means for everyone who wants to start trading Bitcoin. As we said above, they use automated trading software to close deals and generate profit for those who use it.

Automated Trading Software is a type of artificial intelligence that manages to predict the movement of Bitcoins and acts independently from the parameters decided by the user.

The vast majority of platforms have this technology to give the user the best experience and take the pressure that most have when they start trading cryptocurrencies.

There are many platforms available on the market, you must search and find the one that best fits your profile.

We researched and decided to show some of the most well-known platforms that use automated software that, being among the best in agreement with the public, may or may not have been mentioned in the rumors about This Morning host circulating on social networks.

Bitcoin Revolution This Morning

bitcoin revolution

Bitcoin Revolution is also on the list of the most successful ones. Its software is as small or even better than the other platforms that are on the market. To become a member of the Bitcoin Revolution has no mystery, we will show below how to do it.

We found nothing or any comment from the presenters of This Morning that directly connects to the Bitcoin Revolution. Being a legitimate and successful platform, it has not been proven that it was mentioned in the article about the comment.

Visit Bitcoin Revolution

Bitcoin Trader This Morning

bitcoin trader

Bitcoin Trader is a platform for buying and selling cryptocurrencies that have automated software that can trade on behalf of the user, closing the negotiations always thinking of the best for those who are using the company.

As much as the legitimacy of Bitcoin Trader is unquestionable, the site itself has already stated that it has not received any direct information about This Morning Bitcoin Trader or that the presenters of This Morning use the platform to trade Bitcoins.

Visit Bitcoin Trader

The False Claims in the Social Media and the Dragon Den similar rumors

Rumors that the This Morning hosts recommended any type of platform have already been considered false. These allegations are unfounded and end up hindering those who take this market seriously.

fake new bitcoin

It was exactly through social media that the rumors spread. People read these alleged statements and started sharing on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

The power that social media has in dictating fashion and even changing society’s behavior is already a reality. This power is so great that it has even been at the center of accusations for influencing elections and changing the direction of a nation.

That is why these supposed comments had a far greater reach than they should and have and caused a little confusion in everyone’s mind. This Morning show wasn’t the only one to be affected with social media false claims.

Dragon Den is another British TV show that has suffered the same rumors. With a format adapted from a Japanese show and TV, Dragon Den is a type of investment show.

dragon den

The show focuses on taking young entrepreneurs to “sell” their ideas and inventions to successful and billionaire’s investors in the English market.

These entrepreneurs go to the show with their proposals for those who will want to invest in their idea. The proposals are launched by the giants and various types of agreements can be made.

There have also been rumors about Bitcoin being recommended by the TV show and that they were talking about trading platforms but no Bitcoin or any specific platforms were directly commented. The rumors were also false and nothing has been proven.

Conclusion: Is This Morning Bitcoin Interview True or False?

We tried very hard to find the recording of the day on which these comments were aired, but we couldn’t not find such footage. No records from that day, just the comments left on social media and comments on Bitcoin sites.

The comments that are around the social networks proved to be nothing more than rumors spread by someone who used the names of the celebrities to, in some way, to try to profit from it. Using social media, Scam Ads and all the tools that the internet provides to full people with missed information.

The hosts themselves cited in that fake news have already commented denying such a situation and reaffirm that they didn’t endorse any platform or even to invest in Bitcoins. No relationship between the internet rumors and the presenters of This Morning show, so, the rumors were false.


How can you recognise Scam Ads?

Another problem that involves some platforms are the Scam Ads. People use it to be able to steal users’ data, these fake Ads have a link that looks like the official page, so it is always good to see the guarantee seal and the URL on which this page is.
The best way is before you choose to trust some aAds that are showing up, go always for a second opinion.

Is there any Action Fraud filed?

No action was found directly against Bitcoin, but actions were found against fraudulent and unregistered companies.

Is it Bitcoin a Scam?

Bitcoin is not a scam; it is legitimate and already part of our lives. What exists, are bad-intentioned people who abuse the naive people.